Saturday, 19 July 2014

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Cricket Live Score

As Indians are always excited with the various cricket tournament like IPL, CCL, T20 World Cup etc, every cricket fan will be busy watching the match. But those who are on the work would be searching for a good & reliable website which shows live cricket scores. Even though, today there are websites which provides you the live telecast of the entire cricket match, it might not be a good choice if one has a slower internet speed or low download limited.
So here is a small list of websites which gives you real time updates on cricket scores.
Most of these sites offer live text commentary as well.

Other options are, if you have the chrome browser installed, provides a free browser extension with which you can easily get the live scores with a single click. The windows vista or later version users can even download a desktop gadget which also shows live cricket scores on the desktop itself.


  1. We are all so accustomed to the modern point of view that many fail to realize the rich historylive Cricket of the native peoples. I'm from Canada and our school curriculum does not focus enough on the role native people played. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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