Saturday, 19 July 2014

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Tips for saving fuel consumption in Indian cars

1) Maintain correct tyre pressure by regularly checking for it. Deflated tyres will increase fuel consumption as rolling resistance is more.
2) Clean the air filter
3) Drive at a moderate speed limit. Frequent use of strong acceleration will take more fuel.
4) Try to avoid carrying extra heavy objects inside the car
5) Switch off the engine on traffic blocks. Especially in cities like Kochi, Kottayam & other major cities there will be always traffic block near traffic signals.
6) Use air conditioning only if necessary, as it can take upto 10% more fuel usage.
7) Thicker tyre will improve the handling of your car but, as resistance is more ita takes more fuel. So try to use thinner tyres.
8) Always try to park your vehicles in shade as it will take only less time to cool your car.
9) Change gears at right timings. High gears at low speed and low gears at high speed will take more fuel.
10) Try to walk or use public transport whenever possible. In Kerala, there will be a number of private as well as KSRTC buses available most of the times.


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