Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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Type Malayalam Easily in Windows Phone

For typing Malayalam easily you don't have to click each Malayalam letters. You can type in English and keyboard will convert it to Malayalam.

This is not a third party app. This keyboard is already present in Windows mobile OS.

Follow the below steps to add Malayalam keyboard.

  1. Goto 'Setings'
  2. Search for 'Keyboards'
  3. Then click on the option '+ Add keybords' at the top
  4. Then select 'Malayalam Phonetic'

You may have to restart the phone in order to complete the installation

Now to type in Malayalam, open an app, then swipe the space bar and select 'Malayalam Phonetic'. Now you can type anything in Malayalam easily. That is all you need is to type the required Malayalam word in English and the keyboard will automatically convert it to Malayalam font.

This way you can easily type Malayalam messages in WhatsApp also.

(Verified this in Windows 10)


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